Client Testimonial

To maintain our position as London’s premier pet carers and dog walkers it’s absolutely essential that Cats, Dogs & Peace of Mind (CDPOM for short) is at the top of the search engines both in terms of Google AdWords and the conventional listings. The pet care business is very competitive and continues to grow exponentially. Once we recognised Google AdWords pay per click as the best way to achieve an immediate increase in the business’s visibility and deliver instant results, we chose FirstFound as our partner.

They are not just Google AdWords professionals, but are also all Google AdWords Qualified to meet Google’s strict criteria to expertly manage our campaigns. Not only is my website now appearing in the top 10 on over 19 search engines, but CDPOM also tops the lists in every category of service we offer in Google AdWords. As a result, in just five months we have attracted and identified nearly 600 new potential customers, as well as significantly building our email databse of warm leads.

Roger Wilsher Cat, Dogs and Peace of Mind