Why Russams GMS are on the Superhighway to Success

An interim management company is on a superhighway to success after widening its “searchability” on the internet.

While other firms have tightened their belts in the recession, Dunstable based Russam GMS Ltd hired FirstFound to boost their online profile.

The results have been astonishing - from a turnover of £3.5million in 2006 to a phenomenal forecast of £14million this year.

Search engine optimisation is a tricky business of selecting a complex collection of the correct key buzzwords.

Russam GMS’s soaring success story has seen business quadruple and they believe that hiring search engine specialists FirstFound has had a major part to play in that year-on-year hike.

Russam’s Business Manager, Glyn Lloyd says: “There is a real skill to knowing the right search words and phrases to direct traffic to a website. It is crucial to use reputable specialists who know what they are doing.”

He adds: “We signed up with FirstFound 10 years ago, and through natural search techniques they have kept us up there in the top 10 results for interim managers.

Then this year FirstFound spearheaded their pay per click scheme and we agreed to budget for it – despite the recession.

We were testing the water on this one and to be truthful we’ve been surprised at the success.

We’re getting calls and despite the fact it has only been running for four months there is a marked change in business.

We know we are getting clicks because we are paying for them and receiving the reports but now we have had definite leads and assignments.  So we’ve been really pleased.

To demonstrate the power of this, if you type in the phrase ‘Interim Management’, ten and a half million pages come up.

Yet I typed it in this morning and there is Russam GMS Limited third from the top in the sponsored link.

It is forever changing, at 8am this morning we were first.  But never out of the top three. That’s the power of search engine optimisation.”

At any one time Russam GMS Limited have approximately 100 interims on assignment, each earning between £500 and £1,200 per day.

Russam provides highly skilled managers to a wide range of industries.

Adds Glyn:  “Since signing up with FirstFound’s pay per click we have taken at least one lead a week and I would say in the three months we’ve had it running, we have had three or four jobs actually assignments placed through this.”