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The BBC website is to be downsized Following criticism from competitors and politicians, the website is set to discard around a third of its pages.

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Regency Motors

When you’re selling some of the most well-engineered cars in the world, you need to make sure that your online marketing campaign matches up to your product. So if the cars you stock are manufactured by a famed Formula One constructor, you’d better be in pole position on the search engines.

Unfortunately for Regency Motors owner Mark Harris, his Mercedes Benz dealership was lagging behind the competition. So Mark made the call to FirstFound and brought his website on board in September 2009.

Straight away, Mark was impressed by the service on offer:

“The first thing I noticed when I brought Regency Motors on board was just how prompt, polite and professional my consultant was. But of course, none of that really matters if you can’t deliver results!”

Fortunately Mark didn’t need to worry about results, and he didn’t have to wait long to see his investment start to pay off:

“Within a few weeks, I was noticing my website more and more in the search engines. Every time I checked, we were a little bit higher on a few more phrases – until after a few months we were where we wanted to be.”

Being listed on the search engines isn’t everything though – all the page one results in the world don’t mean a thing if people don’t pick up the phone and make purchases. However Mark’s consultant had done his research well:

“I was seeing more and more enquiries coming through from the Internet. Enquiries that had to be a direct result of FirstFound’s work.

That’s great progress when you consider that we only signed up in September 2009 – and to think our consultant told us that SEO could be a slow process!”

Mark Harris, Proprietor
Regency Motor Company