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Interesting Fact!

Election Coming – Politicians Embrace Twitter With obvious results. The Conservative’s #cashgordon site tried to stir up a debate about Gordon Brown’s leadership, and ended up being hijacked by Twitter pranksters.

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MC Photography

"When Mike and I decided to go with FirstFound in 2006 our website was not to be found on the first 35 pages of the internet. We soon realised that as a business if you are not up there on the first page – people aren’t going to bother trawling the web to find you. Since we were optimised by FirstFound we have never been off the first page, and the website has thrived."

Husband Mike adds: "Not only has FirstFound made us visible on the web, their consultants have given us great advice about the website, suggesting we run a blog, which has proved a massive hit with our clients."

Caroline and Mike Challinor, A.B.I.P.P,
MC Photography