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Interesting Fact!

Google Loves WikipediaGoogle have opened up their gigantic wallet and handed $2m to the Wikimedia Foundation. Just to say “thanks” for providing the free content that tops the search engine’s rankings on thousands of terms.

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Techie Talk?

The last in our A-Z for exploding heads!


  • Title Tag: Make sure you describe your website here in one sentence.
  • Traffic: The visitors to a web page or website. Also refers to the number of visitors, hits, accesses etc. over a given period.
  • Tags: A keyword or term associated with, or assigned to a piece of information.


  • URL: Universal Resource Locator. An address which can specify any internet resource uniquely.
  • Usability: A method of focusing the users and task of a website to improve the efficiency and output of that site. Ideal for testing website for disability.


  • X++: A programming language behind MorphX and allows developers graphical design data type, tables and report. It is an object-oriented class based single dispatch language.
  • XML: Extensible Markup Language. A new language which promises more efficient data delivery over the web.


  • Visitors: These are the people that will visit your website.
  • Virtual Domain: A domain hosted by a virtual server account.
  • Viral Marketing: Is the use of existing media to promote and advertise.  An example would be using a video sharing website such as Youtube by uploading short film to promote your brand or products.
  • Virus: A malicious computer program purposely spread to cause harm.  It can copy itself and infect computers without permission of the owner.  Often referred to malware including worms, trojans, spyware and crimeware.


  • Yahoo: One of Google’s biggest rivals.


  • Zone file: A zone file is stored on a name server and provides information about one or more domain names.
  • Zen Garden A website with multiple examples of website designs styled and built with CSS.


  • Webmaster Guidelines: These are some guidelines written by Google which all websites should follow to rank better on Google.
  • WWW: Stands for "World Wide Web" and is billions of linked documents and pages we know more commonly as the Web.
  • WebCrawler: The first Web search engine to provide full text search.
  • Wifi: A trademark of the WiFi Alliance for certified products based set standards. It is the synonym for Wireless Networking (WLAN). Widely available in bars and coffee shops in cities. A way of mobile device to connect to the internet using GPRS via a wireless modem.