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The BBC website is to be downsized Following criticism from competitors and politicians, the website is set to discard around a third of its pages.

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Holdsworth Chocolate

Sweet and chocolate sales have soared in the recession with Cadbury’s announcing a 13% rise in the last year and the luxury, handmade chocolate market is no exception.

Creative Director, Genevieve Holdsworth of Holdsworth Chocolates, based in the heart of the Peak District says, “Our sales have been fantastic, in fact, the last year is the best year we’ve had in the history of the business.  My mother, Barbara Holdsworth, launched the company 22 years ago in the middle of a recession, so I wasn't too nervous about it, knowing the business as I do.  I worked in retail back in the early days of the business and customers would tell me they were staying in and treating themselves as money was tight."

She adds: 'External factors are always a concern. The cost of couverture, the professional term for chocolate, continues to rise. We now have to pass that increase on to our customers which of course can be a problem. I think it also helps that we recently rebranded and spent heavily on marketing."

The major portion of Holdsworth Chocolates sales, which doubled last year, comes through wholesale. Genevieve says, “A lot of our clients are up-market delicatessens and farm shops and we supply one or two of the more prestigious multiples such as Waitrose and Selfridges. We can also boast Harrods as a good customer of ours."

Our sales have been fantastic, in fact the last year is the best year we’ve had in the history of the business.