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What Our Clients Say...

FirstFound have kept us on page one of Google since the first month with dealt with them, and that was over 2 years ago. You can't really ask for better than that.

Richard Fitt,
Authors On Line Ltd

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News and 'Stuff'

Nicola Goes Biking Mad!

On May 3rd, our very own Nicki Dowd will be getting on her bike for a mammoth charity ride. She’ll be cycling from Gretna Green to Bolton, in order to raise funds for Breast Cancer UK and Help the Heroes.

Nicki, one of our sales team, became involved with help the heroes after a fellow cyclist, Aron Moon of the Royal Marines, was caught in an IED explosion in Afghanistan and injured.

Nicki will be covering 134.4 miles in just three days, and we’ll all be wishing her the best of luck on her journey.

Here's hoping that she doesn't get too tyred!

Diva Daubney's Dramatic Debut

Don’t miss your chance to see our credit controller Gemma Daubney live on stage in Do We Ever See Grace? Contact Theatre’s latest production, which runs from April 8th to April 10th.

Contact is a Manchester-based organisation which supports up and coming theatrical talent, and puts on some of the most innovative and intriguing plays in the city. To find out more about Contact, or to reserve your seat for opening night, visit

Just make sure to keep clapping – we have a feeling Gemma might milk the applause for all it’s worth.

Who Wants to Be a Billionaire?

If you’re shouting “I do!” then maybe you need to become an internet entrepreneur.

According to the latest BBC reports, the Internet has created some of the world’s youngest billionaires. The cream of the online crop is Google’s Sergey Brin and Larry Page. The search giant’s founders went from penniless PhDs to billionaire businessmen in a little over five years!

Not to be outdone, 25-year-old Mark Zuckerberg (founder of a little-known site called Facebook) has re-entered the Billionaire list after dropping out in 2009.

From skint students to billionaire businessmen within a decade – if that’s not a reason to get online, we don’t know what is!

Looking For Free Wi-Fi?

We’re all used to the benefits of free Wi-Fi when we visit coffee shops, but how about being able to log on for free across a whole town?

According to the BBC, Highworth in Wiltshire has become Britain’s largest Wi-Fi hotspot, with all residents receiving free wireless internet access.

We bet you can guess where the FirstFound tech department is heading for their holidays!

Broaden Your Browsing Horizons

After a legal agreement between the EU Competition Commission and industry giants Microsoft, millions of European Internet Explorer users will be shown an alternative browser when they next log on to the internet.

So if you’re suddenly offered a choice between Safari, Firefox and Chrome, don’t be afraid to test drive a new browser or two.

We’re certainly always interested in a new way of looking about things!

And The Award for Best Oscars Tie-in Goes To…

… Social Media!

The 82nd Annual Oscars Telecast aired on March 7th on the US ABC network, but it wasn’t just a televisual event. According to the Academy’s director of marketing, Janet Weiss, this year’s event made more use of Twitter and Facebook than any previous film event.

We’re just amazed that they can cram a teary, over-wrought acceptance speech into 140 characters or less!

Online Popularity Baton is Passed

For years, the most popular site on the internet has been Google. But now, a decade since the world’s favourite search engine was launched, it’s been deposed from the top of the internet tree.

According to the Independent, internet users in the USA have helped social networking giant Facebook to the top spot. And this trend could soon be replicated here in the UK.

Here at FirstFound HQ, we’re all busy deleting our embarrassing snaps, and adding “War and Peace” to our favourite books list. We might as well look clever for the masses!