to the first issue of Optimise - FirstFound’s quarterly magazine. Each edition will be buzzing with interesting, informative and entertaining articles to keep you in the know about boosting your online presence.

In this publication, search engine optimisation might seem like rocket science - but it’s time to face your fears with our simple guide to this complex subject. We’ve also got a humorous guide to techie terminology, while our very own Mr Know-It-All reveals how to build a website for sore eyes.

In addition you can hear the success stories of fellow FirstFound customers in our Client Giants section. We take a look at Russams GMS, whose turnover of £3.5million in 2006 has increased to a phenomenal forecast of £14million this year.

We put FirstFound staffers in the spotlight as we learn more about the hobbies and quirks of the people at the end of the phone line. Every issue, we’ll also be bringing special offers for you, our loyal customers, to take advantage of. This month, we’ve got a great deal on our AdWords package.


Search Engine Optimisation Made Simple!

If SEO seemed like rocket science you’ve probably avoided dealing with the issue – but it’s time to face up to your website.

Why Pay Per Click Should Get Your Tick

If you want the best, fastest and most sure-fire way of advertising on the web - then pay per click (PPC) is for you.

Our Client ‘Giants’

How FirstFound played a part in the success story of their customer Russams GMS, helping their business quadruple with turnover going from £3.5m to forecast of £14m.

FirstFound's Mr Know-It-All

It’s all very well driving traffic to your website – but what if people don’t like what they see when they get there? Optimise takes a humorous look at how NOT to design your website by FirstFound's very own Mr Know-It-All, Mark Carter.

Staffers In the Spotlight

Our Technical Manager Andrew Norris is an expert in SEO and AdWords but in this hilarious Q&A he reveals how he is something of an internet hit himself... or at least his cat Jeff is.

Techies – Beam Me Up Scottie!!

Technical terms from ‘spiders’ to‘skins’ and ‘cad’ to ‘firewall’ they are all out there, but what do they mean? An A-Z for exploding heads.

From FirstFound to First Finds

FirstFound may be famed for flagging up their customers on the World Wide Web, but what about other great ‘first finds?’

Loyalty Promotion For Our SEO Customers

Half price set up fees when you sign up for our AdWords service.
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