Motorsport Developments

Hits to our website have quadrupled ever since FirstFound came on board.

A Blackpool-based company, which ‘chips’ cars to make them more fuel efficient, has raced its way to record profits.

Motorsport Developments decided to halve their £8,000-a-month advertising campaign and go full throttle into improving the presence of their ‘Evolution Chips’ brand on the internet.

Co-owner Stewart Sanderson hired a company of search engine consultants to optimise their website and drive them to the top of the results pages.

Mr Sanderson says: “Hits to our website have quadrupled since these FirstFound came on board. All in all, our campaign has seen turnover in the first quarter of 2009 exceed the whole turnover of 2008, which in itself was our record year. Our search engine optimisation costs us under £60 a month. It is an absolute bargain.”

Chipping is a process in which the car's ECU - its electronic 'brain' - is professionally altered. The procedure, also called remapping, can improve throttle response as well as economy and towing ability. Business leaders worldwide are increasingly recognising that chipping their vehicle fleets brings substantial savings on fuel.

Motorsport Developments is currently trialing its product ‘Evolution Chips’ for one major UK utilities company over a three month period. If the household name firm is happy with the results, Mr Sanderson’s company will work on their entire 12,000 fleet of vans.

Adds Mr Sanderson: “I invested in both search engine optimisation (SEO) and Google Ad Words campaign (Pay Per Click). I looked for the very best search engine consultants I could find to handle the organic optimisation. Organic results are the ones listed on the search engine that aren’t the sponsored links.

He adds: “The optimisation results are still improving by the month; it is an ongoing process because as more and more sites link to your website the search engines respond by listing you higher up the results pages as they begin to trust your content.”

Chris Bellamy, founder of Manchester based FirstFound says: “A good website pays dividends.

You could have the best products in the world and the most attractive website but if customers can’t find you online you aren’t really going anywhere, and your considerable investment is wasted.

With the increasing strain on the economy, e-marketing can be a highly cost-effective way of generating new business. We provide a valuable and effective service which enables companies to market their websites to maximize profitability and company growth.

It is very rewarding to get such positive feedback from our customers. Financially, search engine optimisation is within everyone’s grasp.”