Bump & Baby

Traffic to our website has increased by 25 per cent and our online orders have doubled

Marlow maternity website celebrates bump-er first quarter.

A baby and maternity website based in Marlow is celebrating a bump-er first quarter. www.bumpandbaby.com has seen its online sales double in three months and claim search engine optimisation has "delivered" these fantastic results.

The company is run by James Haigh, his sister Jo and friend Rebecca Simons. They opened the shop in West Street in 2000, shortly after the two women had become mothers for the first time. They initially sold designer maternity wear before moving into baby wear and gifts. The online business followed two and a half years ago.

"Online sales were slow at first," admits James. "Wed used a search engine optimisation company previously but didnt see any difference in our sales. We therefore felt quite dubious when we were approached by our new consultants, firstfound, but, since they took over, traffic to our website has increased by 25 to 30 per cent and our online orders have doubled.

"It doesn't cost a huge amount and we now appear on the first page of Google instead of page seven." Chris Bellamy, MD of firstfound, said: "Seventy-three per cent of people looking for a service, product or information on the Web use a search engine and, if your website isnt optimised for the search engines, it simply wont be found."

Bump and Baby are now planning to invest in revamping their website to attract even more online customers.