Why Pay Per Click Should Get Your Tick!

If you want the best, fastest and most sure-fire way of advertising on the web - then pay per click (PPC) is for you.

But what is it? - Well, in simple terms, PPC is the method used to put your business in the sponsored listings appearing at the top of any internet search and results pages.

There are lots of companies out there offering PPC advertising, but, by far the most effective, is Google’s program called AdWords.

Hardly surprising when research reveals more than 80% of internet users fire up Google as their search engine.

Hence the reason that ‘googling’ has gone from being a slang term to a transitive verb in English-language dictionaries!

Yahoo is the other most popular PPC program. Yahoo's ‘Overture’ works through partner sites like MSN and Alta Vista. Through these many sites it is possible to reach over 90% of internet users. It’s enough to make you want to shout: “Yahoo!”

To make the best pay per click ad campaign, you have to bid on keyword phrases that work best for you, write the most effective ads and have a strong, quality landing page when they click on your ad. The price of some keyword phrases is extraordinarily high, so picking the right phrases immediately is important.

If you know how to catch the customer's attention and offer them a perfect presentation, you will get the sale almost every time.

Pay per click advertising campaigns can be a mega-hit if your ad is well written and your target site helps to complete the sale with the customer. Without these elements, PPC advertising is simply a waste of your valuable time and money. Having the same company manage your natural rankings as well as your PPC can have enormous benefits too - it makes good business sense.

Here are the most important things to remember when planning a PPC campaign:

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