If your website is already ranking on the first page of Google then one of the hardest challenges can be how to increase your organic traffic. One of the most obvious strategies is to expand your website content in order to help your business to rank for more search terms.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the techniques you can use to help increase traffic to your website with the goal of converting more visitors into customers.

Featured snippets

Want to get your business featured as prominently as possible? Then you need to consider the potential of featured snippets. For anyone who already has first page rankings then this is a strategy that really pays off and has the potential to really boost your website traffic. Some of the ways that you can improve the chances of your listing being chosen as a featured snippet include:

  • Use popular and related questions as headings in your content using h2 and h3 tags
  • Summarised the answer directly below the question in 50 to 60 words before providing a more in-depth answer below this
  • Format your content in a logical manner using bullet points and subheadings to help the content flow properly
  • Cover the topic in depth to help your content be chosen

Brand link building

For large well-known businesses, brand link building is a simple way to help you create new links with low effort and a high success rate. This strategy is about looking for opportunities where your company, products or services have been mentioned but not linked to. And because you have already been mentioned the majority of website and blog owners are happy to add a link to your business.

Using tools such as Buzzsumo or Mention you can set up alerts based on keywords that are related to your business and get alerted when new posts are created. Once you’ve got a list together of websites where you are mentioned you’ll need to take the time to find the contact details of the website owner, blogger or author and reach out to them for a link. The sooner you’re able to contact them following the mention the higher your chance of getting a link.

Repurpose old content

Struggling to think of ideas for new content for your website? How about taking advantage of existing material. Old blog posts are a great example of this – and the best news – it won’t take much work for you to breathe a fresh lease of life into these and see the benefits. Not only is it easy to update previously written content but republishing content will make it sit higher up in your website architecture and help give your traffic a boost.

Another option for repurposing content is to change the format. So if you’ve got a how-to guide that performs extremely well then why not turn this into a slideshow or a video for an additional couple of ways to help drive relevant traffic to your business. Brochures, newsletters and email campaigns are all examples of content that can be reused to help you drive more traffic to your website.

Give customers what they want

Do you know what your customers are looking for? You may think that you have covered every topic on your website but the queries potential customers use may surprise you. There are a couple of easy ways to find relevant questions and topics with some of the easiest ones including Quora and Answer the Public. Quora can help give you an insight into common frustrations related to your industry while Answer the Public can help expand on your ideas for potential customers that people are asking.

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