Many businesses have run adverts on Google’s search network but far fewer have experience of the display network. It may seem like a good idea to only target people who are actively looking for your products or services but for the majority of companies, the display network offers a great way to reach your target audience. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the ways you can effectively reach your customers using the display network.

Build a remarketing campaign

One of the best places to start for existing advertisers on the display network is remarketing. The advantage of remarketing is that you can get your brand in front of people who have already visited your website. Your audience can further be improved by only targeting people who have carried out certain actions or visited certain pages on your website e.g.:

  • Added a product to cart but left prior to purchase
  • Visited a key page like a membership details page
  • Spent a long time browsing your site

You can offer previous website visitors exclusive discounts and help entice them back to your website to complete their purchase. Another advantage of remarketing is that it generally offers a lower cost per acquisition than traditional search campaigns.

Use simple visual adverts

While the search network is all about cramming as much text as possible into the available space, the adverts that work best on the Display Network are image-based and have a simple message. Think of your display adverts like a billboard, the idea is that they quickly convey a message and make customers want to take action. Don’t have the resources to create hundreds of image adverts? Then Google’s Responsive Ad Builder is the tool you need.

Managed placements

For any advertiser that is looking to have their adverts displayed on specific websites, then managed placements are the option for you. Start off by looking at domains that are relevant o your product or services and build up a list of placements where you would like your advert to be displayed. Want to get an idea of what sites are relevant to your business, why not take a look at your top referral sites on Google Analytics.

Similar audiences

Another way that you can find new customers is by using the similar audience targeting method to help attract new users who have similar browsing and search behaviour as your current lists. This is the perfect option for advertisers who are already using remarketing lists as it helps them find new audiences to target with their adverts.

In market audiences

In addition to similar audiences, in market audiences look at targeting an audience that is interested and actively searching for a particular product or service. This sort of targeting tends to work well for products and services which have a longer buying cycle as people take time to thoroughly research the different options before making a purchase. Using in market targeting can help to put your adverts in front of potential customers at the right point in this journey.

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