The offers may have expired, but the advice is as solid as ever. Take advantage of years of experience by browsing the Optimise Magazine archives.

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Issue 19

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Issue 18

In issue 18 we take a look at why you should use A/B testing in AdWords, find out why conversion rate optimisation is important to SEO and show you how to carry out a social media audit.

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Issue 17

In issue 17 we look at a remarkably common SEO problem - Duplicate Content. We also welcome our second intake of apprentices and throw a spotlight on AdWords Landing Pages.

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Issue 16

A free Link Disavowal Guide, an explanation of how SEO has developed throughout 2014, and a quick and easy guide to Ecommerce await you in Issue 16 of Optimise. We also catch up with some of our SEO consultants, and see just how Mobile Commerce is growing.

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Issue 15

If you’re worried about analytics, confused by the Hummingbird update, or just interested in finding out about your consultants, then Issue 15 is for you. We also help you gear up for Christmas and shine a spotlight on FirstFound’s additional services!

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Issue 14

Is content really king? How have Panda and Penguin affected SEO? Just what does Google+ do? And who are the faces behind the phones that make up FirstFound’s search engine optimisation teams? All of these questions and more are answered in Issue 14 of Optimise Magazine

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Issue 13

Online shopping, online safety and the online mistakes that get our web designers seething all make an appearance in Optimise Issue 13. We also introduce you to Pay Per Click, and explain where Internet forum “experts” get it wrong as we bust the SEO myths. All this and more, in Optimise Magazine 13.

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Issue 12

Suffering with Social Media? Issue 12 of Optimise explains just how Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can help your business. We also start a new series shining a spotlight on FirstFound’s services, introduce our new look technical management team, and explain how to get ready for the festive rush.

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Issue 11

Wondering what a CMS is? In the mood for some incredibly bad predictions about the future? Or just after advice on ranking factors and online reviews? If these questions are keeping you up at night, take a look at Issue 11 of Optimise Magazine.

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Issue 10

Issue 10 of Optimise sees the staffers take time out to answer the burning questions you have about the search engines, and dig a little deeper into what more FirstFound can do for your business. We also take a look at what your friends, family and contacts can do to help your online marketing campaigns.

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Issue 09

The staffers might have spent the summer raising money for charity, but that doesn’t mean we’re too busy to give you great advice. Marketing mistakes, environmental concerns and the importance of being on Facebook are all covered in Issue 9.

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Issue 08

In Issue 8 we investigate PageRank, discover why AdWords is so important and take a look at Google Pirate. And, to mark the Royal Wedding, we see how our clients have been helping couples with their dream weddings!

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Issue 07

In the first issue of 2011, the FirstFound team dust off their crystal ball, discovers why Google’s claiming it can read your mind, and wonders what all the fuss is about social media. Staffer introduces Manchester’s best up and coming band, and we see just what we did for clients in 2010.

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