Issue 14

Summer Edition

Meet the Teams - Part One

In the first of a three-part series, Optimise introduces you to some of the faces behind the phones, as we meet our expert search engine consultants.

You've met our managers, and you've learned what upsets our web design department, but it occurred to us that you might know next to nothing about your search engine consultant.

But that's all about to change, as we put our search engine optimisation experts in the spotlight, and take you to meet the first of our teams:

Richard's Search Engine Optimisation and Pay Per Click Team

Richard Hassall

Richard Hassall – Team Manager

Richard would like us to point out that some of our comments in Optimise Issue 12 were inaccurate, and that he is in fact the life and soul of office parties. To which we'd like to say, "on your bike!"

Avid cyclist Richard is dedicated to keeping his team as efficient as possible, in order to leave himself with more time to keep up to date with the latest emerging technologies, tools and ideas – commitments that he's been keen to pass on to his team.

"Nothing beats customer satisfaction. When I hear that a customer's elated with the service we provide, the feeling is incomparable. But it gets even better when I've worked alongside the consultant, and know how much hard work they've put in. It's exactly what makes managing a team worthwhile."

Richard's top tip: Your website needs to be full of content. Original, engaging and well-written content throughout your site gives us something to work with. And getting the basics right from the beginning will allow you to start off on firm foundations.

Richard's Search Engine Optimisation and Pay Per Click Team

Andrew Dutson

Andrew Dutson

Despite his thick North East accent, Andrew's keen to make it clear that he's not a Geordie, and that he's never been an extra in popular 90's TV show Byker Grove (pet).

As one of FirstFound's longest-serving consultants, Andrew instead devotes his time to keeping up with breaking developments in online marketing, making him one of our most highly recommended search engine and pay per click consultants.

"Every day brings something new in this job. It's why I've stayed here so long. And it doesn't matter whether I'm handling an SEO or PPC account – there's always going to be something going on that provides a new challenge."

Andrew's top tip: Promoting your business online is only part of what you could be doing. Think about bolstering the work we do with some offline marketing – making presentations, sponsoring events or supporting a charity. These tactics will generate interest that the search engines love – there's nothing wrong with good, old-fashioned PR!."

Richard's Search Engine Optimisation and Pay Per Click Team

Martin Topping

Martin Topping

Boasting a degree in Multimedia and Internet Technologies, Martin feels that he's more than qualified to help any client – and the number of glowing testimonials he receives backs up that feeling.

Committed 100% to any project he works on, Martin has never been shy of throwing himself into helping his customers, and it's an approach that's helped increase turnover for clients in a wide selection of industries and areas.

"I really enjoy working with our clients, but seeing great rankings isn't the best part of the job. It's when our clients start to see more revenue being generated through those rankings that I feel really rewarded."

Martin's top tip: Your website is the first thing your client sees. So make sure it's engaging, modern, and something they feel comfortable using. The better your website is, the more likely a client is to buy from you – and the more likely they are to share it around!

Richard's Search Engine Optimisation and Pay Per Click Team

Greg Doyle

Greg Doyle

Token Welshman Greg claims that being from the valleys is the only interesting fact about him. We don't think that's entirely fair, as his knowledge of SEO and AdWords, combined with a background in copywriting makes him a really valuable member of the FirstFound team.

Greg knows that a site that ranks well also needs to sell, so there's nothing he likes more than hearing that his advice has helped a client turn their website into a powerful sales and marketing tool.

"The best part of the job is hearing from a happy customer. When their website is working for them, and their PPC campaign is delivering the goods – those are the calls I really enjoy getting!"

Greg's top tip: You need to get a professional copywriter (like the FirstFound copywriters behind this month's offer) to write your website. Well written content really does help to sell your products and services, and it inspires confidence in your customers.

Richard's Search Engine Optimisation and Pay Per Click Team

Sean Hagarty

Sean Hegarty

Former jeweller Sean wouldn't enjoy being labelled as a "diamond in the rough” as he's not keen on clichés. So we'll make sure to avoid falling into that trap, and try and think of a go-karting pun instead.

His track days behind him, Sean has immersed himself in the world of online marketing, and is always keen to hear what his colleagues have to say about any given issue – but he knows more than enough about the search engines to provide some advice of his own.

"I've been here a while now, but the novelty of learning new things about the job still hasn't worn off. The search engines never stop refining their algorithms, so I never stop learning. I know that it's important to my clients that I'm always clued up on the latest updates."

Sean's top tip: Your website isn't a gimmick. It's an extension of your business, and needs to be used effectively. You wouldn't put stock in your shop without accurate point of sale information, so don't make that mistake with your website. And make sure your site's better than the competition's!

If your consultant hasn't been mentioned above, don't panic. You'll have the chance to meet our other consultants in the next few issues of Optimise!