Issue 14

Summer Edition

Is Content Really King?

Is Content Really King?

It's a tip as old as the hills, and one of the most often repeated truisms in SEO. "Content is King."

Get your website's written content right, the theory goes, and everything else will fall into place. But is this piece of search engine wisdom really the most important piece of advice you'll ever read? Or is it an old SEO myth?

Content – The Key to SEO Success?

When we said that "Content is King" is an old tip, we weren't lying. The phrase was coined by one Bill Gates of Microsoft, way back in 1996 – before the formation of Google and when very few businesses had websites.

According to Gates, it was well-put-together content that'd be the key to succeeding online, as good content would attract readers and help advertise a website's products and services.

Google's new search engine (launched in 1998) took this concept and ran with it, ranking sites based on how good their content was, as well as things like the site's code and inbound links. And in the 15 years since then, content has become more and more important as the online marketplace has become more competitive.

That's why you very rarely, if ever, see a small, badly-written website topping the search engines for a competitive key phrase.

Putting Your Website to Work

It's not just the search engines that want to see good content. Your customers do too.

Your website is an investment for your business, so it needs to make money. It can't do that without good content.

Well-written content will inform and persuade a reader, showing them the benefits of your products or services, and can even help increase online sales. In this way, great content directly translates to money into your pocket.

Once you take this into account, it's clear to see why successful businesses place so much importance on their website content, and why the search engines use it as such an important indicator of quality.

So, Is Content King?

We're not naïve enough to suggest that there's one key to SEO success. The search engines are complex, and there are hundreds of variables that come into play. But if the recent Penguin and Panda updates have shown us one thing, it's that the search engines are placing more importance on well-written, unique content than many other factors.

And, as we've mentioned above, content is important to your customers as well as Google and Bing. Because it's great content that will turn your visitors into customers, persuading them to purchase your products and service.

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