Issue 14

Summer Edition

Case Study: Trademark Signs

Trademark Signs

Kristofer Taylor-Steele knew that his website just wasn't making an impact. But a lack of experience in the online market meant that he wasn't sure where to start.

Fortunately, FirstFound came to his aid, and suddenly a whole new range of options were available to Kristofer's business. Options that would help him compete with far larger businesses:

"After realising how poorly my current website was performing, I decided to contact FirstFound to see what they suggested. I'm not very computer literate, and the people I spoke to understood what I needed to do, and how to do it. This was in direct comparison to the pushy and disinterested sales people I've spoken to at other online marketing companies, and really made an impression."

From his consultations with FirstFound's team of experts, Kristofer decided to have a new website built, along with a full search engine optimisation service. This is a decision he's glad to have made:

"I was so impressed with how patient and knowledgeable FirstFound's team were. From the initial consultation through to design drafts and optimisation of the website, FirstFound always treated me with the utmost respect and professionalism. I'm in regular contact with my SEO consultant, and I really feel like I'm getting a personal service."

But it's not just the personal service that's impressed Kristofer. His new FirstFound website, and the SEO service we've provided, has helped him compete against some of his industry's leading names:

"My comments can be backed up with an increase in website traffic, that's generated much more work for Trademark Signs. The service provided has put me amongst some of the giants in our industry – which is especially helpful when business is tough and you're a smaller organisation competing against more established companies.

I'll continue to make use of FirstFound's services for many years to come!"

Kristofer Taylor-Steele

Trademark Signs