Issue 14

Summer Edition

Beginner's Guide to Google+

Beginner's Guide to Google+

It's Google's answer to Facebook, it's two years old, has 500 million registered users, and it's starting to influence how high a website ranks in the search engines. But businesses still aren't using Google+ properly.

But getting the most out of Google+ isn't as complicated as you might think. This Beginner's Guide will show you three ways to put Plus to work for your company – increasing your exposure, and building up your authority with Google.

  • Build a Network

    You've registered for Google+, set up a personal profile and business page, and then… nothing. What do you do now?

    Well, the first thing to do on Google+, as with any social site, is to start building up a network. And Plus makes it easier than most, thanks to the inbuilt search engine (really, what else did you expect from Google?).

    Use that search engine to search for people you know (enter their name), people in your niche (enter job titles or industry) or that share your interests. Then add them to your circles and start communicating.

    You can also join relevant Google+ Communities and connect with people that way – adding more people to your network. Because the more people you know, the more people you have to interact with your updates, and the more authoritative you appear to Google.

  • Enhance Your Business Page

    Your Google+ Business Page needs some care and attention. Not only will it crop up in Google+ searches within your niche, it also stands a great chance of ranking on standard Google searches for your brand name.

    So spend some time on it. Upload a photo or two, write a compelling company biography, and make sure to mention your key products and services. And it goes without saying that you need all of your relevant contact information present, so that Plus users can get in touch.

    Then start adding select people to your Business Page's network, just as you did with your personal page. This will help bring you to the attention of potential leads.

  • Use Plus Regularly

    Finally, don't just do all of the above and then forget about Google+. Plus is all about authority, and Google wants to see the following things from authoritative people and businesses:

    • A large network that includes leading bloggers and experts
    • Completed, informative personal and business pages
    • Regular use

    This third factor is arguably the most important. Google wants people to use Google+. So if you invest the time in becoming an authority in your industry on the site, then it's very possible that Google will reward you with search ranking befitting the amount of authority you have.

    And isn't that worth a few minutes of your time every day?

If you'd like advice or assistance on setting up your Google+ account, contact your FirstFound consultant on 0161 909 3411. We'll be happy to help you out.

Beginner's Guide to Google+