Optimise Issue 9, from FirstFound

SEO Made Simple
Ranking Factors Explained

Getting a site to rank on Google is complicated – that’s why you’ve enlisted expert help from FirstFound, after all. But of all of the thousands of factors that the search engines take into account when they work out whether your site should be first or forty-first, some are more important than others.

In this instalment of SEO Made Simple, we’re going to explain about three of the most important factors; and one ranking factor that could become more important in the future.


There’s an old saying in search engine optimisation – content is king. That means that if the search engines like your content, they’ll rank your site highly. That’s why one of the first things we do is check your content to ensure that it’s unique, helpful and that it’s relevant to the terms you want to rank for.

It’s no good asking to be top for “B & B Slough” when your website doesn’t mention where you are, or what you do.


Search engines don’t just look at your site’s content when they work out where to rank you – they look at the parts of your code called the meta data. Just like someone reading the title and synopsis to decide whether to buy a book, search engines read meta titles and descriptions to decide on what a page is about.

Descriptive meta titles and well written meta descriptions can make all the difference when it comes to your rankings.


Links pass authority across the internet. Well, some do. Some links pass on lots of authority, some pass on no authority, and some can destroy your rankings by making the search engines think you’re running with the wrong sort of people. That’s why FirstFound only build links from directories that we know and trust.

Ask your FirstFound consultant about our guide to link building. It’ll make sure you stay on the straight and narrow.

Social Signals

In the future, social signals (such as Twitter tweets, Facebook likes and Google+ +1s) could become a ranking factor. Google certainly think so – as they’re adding social snippets to searches carried out by logged-in Google+ users. But until they can add data from Facebook’s 800 million users into the mix, social signals won’t be able to make a huge impact.

Make sure you’re ready to take advantage of truly social search with one of our professional Facebook Business Pages.

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