Optimise Issue 9, from FirstFound

Should You Worry About Online Reviews?

Actors, musicians and chefs live and die on the strength of the reviews they receive. But what about online businesses?

Sites like Trip Advisor, Which Web Design Company and even Google Places have thousands of visitors every single day.

It’s all because of something called “social proof”…

Why Review Sites are Popular

People love being reassured. Especially if they’re going to be spending money. So before they enter into a business agreement or make a purchase, more and more people look for online reviews and testimonials to prove that any money they spend won’t be wasted.

Having a selection of testimonials, case studies and positive reviews will all help reassure potential customers. And reviews can also have a small effect on your search engine optimisation.

Can Reviews Help My SEO?

As we’ve discussed elsewhere in this issue, having links coming in to your site can help with your rankings. And most review sites will provide a link to the business being discussed.

As with all link building though, it’s all about relevancy. All businesses can benefit from a positive review on Google Places or Touch Local, but a plumber won’t see any improvements if they’re angling for a review on Trip Advisor!

How Do I Get Positive Reviews?

Getting positive reviews couldn’t be simpler. First, set up a profile on Google Places (ask your consultant for our free PDF guide), Touch Local or the review site of your choice.

Then, when a client tells you how happy they are with your service, ask them to leave a review on the review site you’ve chosen, telling the world just how much you’ve helped them.

Just don’t forget to repay the favour when you receive a good service!

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