Optimise Issue 9, from FirstFound

Previous Issues

Optimise - Issue 10

Issue 10 of Optimise sees the staffers take time out to answer the burning questions you have about the search engines, and dig a little deeper into what more FirstFound can do for your business. We also take a look at what your friends, family and contacts can do to help your online marketing campaigns.

Optimise - Issue 9

The staffers might have spent the summer raising money for charity, but that doesn’t mean we’re too busy to give you great advice. Marketing mistakes, environmental concerns and the importance of being on Facebook are all covered in Issue 9.

Optimise - Issue 8

In Issue 8 we investigate PageRank, discover why AdWords is so important and take a look at Google Pirate. And, to mark the Royal Wedding, we see how our clients have been helping couples with their dream weddings!

Optimise - Issue 7

In the first issue of 2011, the FirstFound team dust off their crystal ball, discovers why Google’s claiming it can read your mind, and wonders what all the fuss is about social media. Staffer introduces Manchester’s best up and coming band, and we see just what we did for clients in 2010.

Optimise - Issue 6

The FirstFound team take you through key phrases, branding and the habits of successful online shops. Staffer in the Spotlight takes you to India, and we show you how not to succeed online.

Optimise - Issue 5

Happy Birthday Optimise! Issue 5 teaches you how to visually establish trust and lets you know what happened at FirstFound during our magazine's first year.

Optimise - Issue 4

Issue 4 of Optimise features DIY search engine optimisation, April Fools Jokes and blogging advice from one of the FirstFound Blog team. And if that’s not enough, we also finish our Techie Talk feature with Z is for Zen Garden.

Optimise - Issue 3

Celebrating 10 years of FirstFound, this very special birthday issue of Optimise features the team’s video resolutions, a recap of what happened when FirstFound formed in 2000, and advice from our Mr Know-It-All.

Optimise - Issue 2

FirstFound are focused on offering an ethical service, but what about those 'Black Hat' optimisation techniques? Optimise Issue 2 shows you the darker side of search engine optimisation and explains the importance of domain names.

Optimise - Issue 1

See where it all began with the first issue of Optimise. Meet Jeff the Cat, learn about search engine optimisation ranking factors and discover just why pay per click should get your tick!